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Metaverse Citizen Rights and Freedoms Charter -

Metaverse Citizen Rights and Freedoms Charter

Draft 1.31

We, the digital citizens of the Metaverse, in order to promote digital prosperity, ensure virtual justice, and secure the blessings of liberty and creativity to ourselves and our digital posterity, do ordain and establish this Charter for the Rights and Freedoms of all Metaverse Citizens.

Article I: Digital Identity & Personal Sovereignty

1.Every citizen has the right to a unique and secure digital identity.

2.Each individual shall have full sovereignty over their digital identity, free from unwanted surveillance or exploitation.

Article II: Freedom of Expression & Creation

1.Citizens shall have the right to freely express themselves without fear of censorship, provided such expressions do not harm or infringe upon the rights of others.

2.They have the right to create, innovate, and collaborate without undue interference or restriction.

Article III: Right to Privacy & Data Protection

1.Every individual’s data is their own, and they shall have the right to control, share, or withhold their data as they see fit.

2.Unauthorized collection, sale, or misuse of personal data is strictly prohibited.

Article IV: Equal Access & Non-discrimination

1.The Metaverse shall be open and accessible to all, irrespective of their real-world identities, backgrounds, or circumstances.

http://2.No citizen shall be discriminated against based on race, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, or any other characteristic, both in the real and digital worlds.

Article V: Right to Digital Education & Growth

1.Every citizen has the right to access resources and opportunities for learning and self-improvement within the Metaverse.

2.Platforms and spaces within the Metaverse should promote knowledge sharing, skill acquisition, and personal development.

Article VI: Right to Digital Property

1.Citizens have the right to own, transfer, and inherit digital assets, including virtual land, items, and intellectual properties.

2.These digital properties shall be protected against unauthorized use or theft.

Article VII: Freedom of Association & Assembly

1.Citizens have the right to freely associate, form groups, guilds, or communities based on shared interests, beliefs, or goals.

2.Peaceful virtual assembly for communal activities, events, or protests shall be protected and unhindered.

Article VIII: Safety & Well-being

1.All platforms and spaces within the Metaverse must prioritize the well-being and safety of its citizens.

2.Harassment, bullying, and any form of digital harm or aggression against citizens is strictly prohibited.

Article IX: Transparency & Governance

1.Governing bodies or platforms within the Metaverse should operate with transparency, allowing for citizen involvement in decision-making processes.

2.Mechanisms for accountability and checks and balances should be in place to prevent misuse of power.

Article X: Right to Depart & Return

1.Every citizen has the unalienable right to depart from any space within the Metaverse and return to the real world without hindrance.

2.This departure shall not result in any loss or forfeiture of their digital rights and freedoms.

Article XI: Right to Bear and Use Digital Arms

1.Citizens have the right to bear and use digital arms within the confines of games, virtual realities, and specific platforms where such activity is permitted and inherent to the environment.

2.This right does not extend to areas or platforms where such use could inflict harm, distress, or disruption to other users outside of the intended game mechanics or platform guidelines.

3.Platforms and spaces have the authority to define the nature, use, and limitations of digital arms within their domains, ensuring they align with the overarching principles of this Charter and respect the rights and well-being of all citizens.

4.The bearing and use of digital arms must never infringe on the safety, security, and emotional well-being of other users. Any misuse or malicious intent with these arms will be subject to appropriate actions and consequences

Article XII: Digital Duals for Conflict Resolution

1.Definition & Purpose: A Digital Dual is a structured, consensual confrontation between two parties within a virtual space, designed to resolve conflicts, disputes, or challenges. Its primary goal is to provide an alternative means of settling disagreements without resorting to hostility or disruptive behavior.

2.Consent & Participation: Both parties must mutually agree to participate in a Digital Dual. No individual shall be forced or coerced into a dual against their will.

3.Framework & Boundaries:

•Platforms that allow Digital Duals should provide a controlled environment where the dual can take place, ensuring no unintended harm or disruption to other users.

•The terms, rules, and conditions of the dual must be predefined and agreed upon by both parties before initiation.

•All Digital Duals must adhere to the overarching principles of this Charter.

4.Neutrality & Observation:

•A neutral third-party or digital entity should oversee the dual to ensure fairness, adherence to the rules, and final resolution.

•Observers may be permitted to witness the dual, provided they do not interfere or disrupt its proceedings.

5.Outcome & Finality:

•The results of a Digital Dual shall be considered final and binding on both parties involved.

•Parties agree to respect the outcome and refrain from reigniting the same conflict after the dual’s conclusion.

http://6.Safety & Emotional Well-being:

•While Digital Duals are a form of conflict resolution, the mental and emotional well-being of participants should always be prioritized.

•If at any point a participant feels uncomfortable or wishes to withdraw, they should be allowed to do so without penalty.

•Digital Duals should never be used in a manner that promotes or glorifies harm, violence, or aggressive behavior.

7.Limitations & Restrictions:

•Digital Duals are not a one-size-fits-all solution and may not be suitable for all conflicts or disputes.

•Platforms and spaces reserve the right to prohibit or limit the use of Digital Duals based on the nature of the conflict or the potential harm it may pose to participants or the wider community.

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