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3D CyberScan Portfolio
Local Golf Courses built with LiDAR Data for play in PGA2K23
Our digital land holdings in  Metaverse / 1858.Gold
UEFN Build of 1858 Lidar Maps for metaverse time travel - 4d


Projected Launch  4/20/2026  @ 16:20:
current phase : Pre alpha,
( x for details)

E-sports Closed Loop Metaverse

3 Planets Domestic
23 ExoPlanets

7 dimensions of Gameplay

Single A, AAA, Professional (public) and Elite(private) Leagues

1,000,000 deeds for everything needed to play at the start of each season for every metaverse map token holder.  hold more tokens get more stuff.

Our e-sport is capitalism

highest net worth in several categories for Real e-sport prizes

we aim to be a adult oriented metaverse with 16+ teen play in minor areas till 8pm only, kinda like an online pub


we will have the fun subjects like gaming, and the uncomfortable / complicated ones like family memorial and worship.

saints and sinners welcome.


Brad Oleksy, our esteemed founder and the driving force behind Metasoft Studios Limited and Metasoft Productions Limited. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the entertainment technology sector, Brad stands at the forefront of immersive 3D experiences and motion capture technology.

Background and Expertise: Brad's journey in the tech landscape began at Capilano University, where he graduated with honors. His career includes pivotal roles at globally recognized companies such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, and IATSE Local 891 in Vancouver, where he honed his skills in motion capture, 3D scanning, and studio management. Brad's expertise extends to securing several trademarks and advancing a patent in virtual camera technology.

Leadership and Innovations: As the CTO and President of Metasoft Studios Limited, headquartered in Alberta, and the Head of Studio at British Columbia’s Metasoft Productions Limited, Brad is known for his unwavering commitment to innovation, safety, and fiscal prudence. His leadership has been instrumental in steering our company through its initial stages and into its third fiscal year, poised for the next chapter of growth.

The Intersection of Technology and Neurodiversity: In an era dominated by AI, Brad leverages his unique neurodivergent perspective to navigate and overcome technical challenges. His approach combines logical precision and a steady presence, ensuring effective decision-making under immense stress. This ability makes him a valuable asset in the Age of AI, where adaptation and innovation are crucial.

Advocacy and Community Engagement: A staunch advocate for mental health, Brad is actively involved in raising awareness and promoting wellness in the tech community. He hosts #MentalHealthMondays on platform X, where he discusses mental health topics, emphasizing transparency and support.

Brad Oleksy is not just a leader; he is a visionary who believes in the transformative power of technology to enhance the human experience. His integrity, expertise, and dedication make him a cornerstone of our company's success and a beacon for future innovations


Metasoft Studios ltd.
160 Quarry Park Boulevard SE
Suite 300
Calgary, AB
T2C 3G3


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